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88: From Speechless to Radio Show Host with Brian K Wright
15th June 2017 • Can I Pick Your Brain? • Daniel Gefen
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Today I have the pleasure of picking the brain of Brian Wright –
Host of the internet radio talk show ‘Success Profiles Radio’ where he has powerful conversations with some of the most successful people in the world.

Some of his guests have included award winning speakers, best selling authors, business moguls, thought leaders and even an ex marine fighter pilot and a 2 time olympic champion!

Brian is also the author of the book “Student Leadership Strategies: 21 Easy Ways to Become a Center of Influence in Your Group.”

As always here’s a little rap I put together for my guest …

He’s the radio host with the most but he tries not to boast.

It wasn’t wasn’t always roses in red, he was almost dead…

from a life threatening illness, he survived, but not only revived… he thrived.

He put his house on AirBNB, now that may seem silly. But he had no choice.
From homeless and hopeless now he’s found his voice.

Spreading stories of hope, he’ll give you a rope.
Listen to his show coz he rocks the mic like a pro…. On success profiles radio.

Now sit nice n tight while i introduce to you the one and only Brian Wright


What you will learn:

  • What it really means to be a leader
  • What all successful people have in common
  • How to pitch yourself to media contributors and podcast hosts
  • … and MUCH MORE


Interesting highlights:

  • Brian revealed how he lived in his car during tough times
  • Brian had to rent out his home on AirBNB so he could keep it
  • Brian talks about getting world class guests on his show

Brian’s #1 practical advice: 

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