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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 67, 11th December 2019
How to Catch the Attention Span of Your Audience with Ana Hoffman
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How to Catch the Attention Span of Your Audience with Ana Hoffman

#67:THAT is Ana Hoffman, one of my favorite people in the world!

Ana Hoffman guides business owners through her blog to better understand and utilize SEO (search engine optimization) and content repurposing. 

As a mother looking to join the digital age, Ana jumped straight into the world of online marketing and found her niche in blogging. Her blog, Traffic Generation Cafe, is the place to go to find the latest tips, trends and technology that can result in getting more visits to your blog or business.

As a two-time speaker at the annual Social Media World Conference in San Diego, Ana knows a thing or two about driving traffic to your website, but in order to do so, you have to be willing to try a few things out. 

Now, let’s chat with Ana!

Key Lessons from this Episode:

  • Ana’s fascination with marketing and why marketing is like math
  • Why content repurposing and content syndication are two different things
  • Three pieces of advice about how to drive traffic to your blog or website 
  • How to create backlinks to boost the organic ratings of your blog or website 
  • Why it's essential to always have a CTA (call to action) on any piece of content that you have