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Episode 10: How Lise Cartwright Starting Making $3-4K Within Her First Six Months As A Kindle Author
5th October 2016 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Join us on Episode 10 of the show, as Lise delivers some valuable insights on how to achieve success in the Kindle Marketplace FAST. 

Lise is an established Kindle Author, having published over 20 books, and turning over $3-4K in her first 6 months alone. 

We discuss why it’s so great and also so important to do something you love, and how to be successful at it. Lise makes sure that people are aware that her intentions and motivations are to help people, and she is making a living from it. You’ll learn why it’s important to diversify your income and how to leave the jobs you didn’t want to do in the past, having a clear, motivated idea of what to do going forward.

Today’s show is really an inspiring lesson of why it’s important to be genuine, how to offer your value in a big way, and to really just enjoy what you are doing. 

To learn how to get a strong start in the Kindle Marketplace, you won’t want to miss this episode!


Links from show: - Lise’s side hustle training - Lise’s Personal Site - Steve’s Personal Site



- How to keep a strong discipline

- How to be motivated

- To enjoy what you’re doing and do what you enjoy

- How to build a strong readership/list of readers

- Why cross promotion is important

- Lise’s advice for people trying to breakthrough

- Lise’s tips for driving kindle publishing sales