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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 1st December 2020
The Church, Government, and Civil Disobedience

The Church, Government, and Civil Disobedience


A time to obey and a time to rebel


People say that religion and politics should stay separate.

Sounds good in theory, but here is the truth: They cannot stay separate on a national scale. They are intrinsically linked on the national scale.

Now, can we keep them separate in our private lives? With friends and family? Sure. But not on a national scale. The communists know this. The socialitsts know this. The capitalists know this. And now you know it.

If you’re a citizen of the Kingdom, and dedicated to its expansion - you know that faith must invade politics in order to have a righteous country.

And what about Romans chapter 13? What's that all about? Tune in to find out!



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