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224: Jon Fischer – Embracing Your Bear and Bare Self
Episode 22412th May 2023 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Our gay culture has labels for everything - Twink, Side, Daddy, Top, Otter and even Bears - Oh My. Yet, we often allow these labels to hold us back from believing we don't fit in, and even worse that we shouldn't love ourselves - just as we are. This candid conversation with Jon Fischer (Coach Cub) explores the Bear Culture and how we can be more accepting of ourselves and others in our community - regardless of the age or labels.

About Jon

Jon Fischer (Coach Cub) is a Board-Certified Health & Wellness coach who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He's a podcaster, and facilitator who has worked with hundreds of clients in the bear community - a niche community within the larger GBTQ community - on general wellness goals, body confidence, and self-love. He runs a group call Belly that hosts bear yoga, cuddle piles, meditation, and workshops in NYC and virtually - as well as a retreat called Camp Bear Hug in Portugal.

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Upcoming Events

Camp Bear Hug - Lisbon, Portugal - July 1 - 9, 2023 Camp Bear Hug, Wine and Bear - Porto, Portugal - September 3 - 10, 2023

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