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WE Have Cancer - Lee Silverstein EPISODE 139, 1st December 2019
Tatiana Suarez; Her Story of Conquering Cancer and Winning In the UFC
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Tatiana Suarez; Her Story of Conquering Cancer and Winning In the UFC

Tatiana Suarez started wrestling when she was three years' old. Right before she was to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London, she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. During our conversation we discussed:

  • Why she got into wrestling at such a young age.
  • How she came to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer
  • Her reaction to missing out on the London Olympics due to her thyroid cancer
  • How she found faith just prior to her diagnosis
  • Her discovery of holistic medicine at a young age
  • How the removal of her thyroid has impacted her
  • How cancer changed her life and brought her closer to her family
  • Her love of competition

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