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Sage Aging - Liz Craven EPISODE 25, 15th September 2020
How to tell real news from misinformation
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How to tell real news from misinformation

About This Episode

In today's world being able to tell the difference between real news and misinformation is difficult at best. The words 'media' and 'news' are used interchangeably and widely misunderstood in America today. What do the words media and news really refer to? How can the average person tell the difference between good information and misinformation? If these are questions you'd like answers to you'll definitely want to listen to episode 25!

My Guest

My guest for this episode is Trinity Laurino of Lkldnow. LkldNow is a nonprofit, locally driven news organization whose mission is to educate community members and cultivates civic engagement by reporting and curating local news and community information in an accessible user-friendly digital format. Trinity's resume includes work at PBS, National Geographic, the BBC’s Motion Gallery, CNN, and currently LkldNow. She serves as LkldNow’s Community Engagement Director charged with growing awareness of the critical role local journalism plays in the civic health of a community and the urgent need to ensure the future of local news and its accessibility.

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