How to Stop Being Jealous of Others Success
Episode 413th July 2021 • Rise Rebelliously • Britta Weickert
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This episode focuses on exactly how to conquer jealousy, flip that shit to work FOR YOU not against you. How to use jealousy as a driving force, a wake-up call if you will. This is your tough-love lesson on conquering jealously in your job, workplace, entrepreneurial journey & life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Normalizing jealousy, understanding it's a part of being human & how it can actually help us grow.
  • The VERY best way to let go of the negative feelings that jealousy gives you, and what to focus on instead.
  • Using human connection to gain back control of your brain.
  • By using jealousy as a tool rather than a flaw, we CONQUER it & become successful from it.

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