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The Recruitment Mentors Podcast - Hishem Azzouz EPISODE 204, 31st August 2020
Biller Rollercoaster | Amy Steel - From graduate to director, how she climbed the ranks in under 6 years to board level!
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Biller Rollercoaster | Amy Steel - From graduate to director, how she climbed the ranks in under 6 years to board level!

On this episode I’m joined by Amy Steel, Associate Director at Amoria Bond.

She initially entered the world of recruitment straight out of university, and has climbed the ranks over the last 9 years at Amoria Bond, and received her AD promotion after only 6 years with the business.

I love speaking to strong female leaders in recruitment, and we cover a ton of insightful topics on this episode.

Amy was inspirational to talk to and she shares a lot of her secrets from when she was a billing consultant!

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about day plans and maximising your desk, this one’s for you.

This is also a perfect episode for female recruiters to get some insight from an incredibly successful female in the industry, 

You can connect with Amy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bestautomotiverecruiter/ 


How did you get into recruitment? [1:00]

What was the business like when you joined? [3:14]

What was the environment like early on? [4:28]

Female role models [6:26]

How important do you think it is for recruiters to build internal relationships? [8:05]

Contract recruitment and different markets [9:45]

How were your first two years? [11:49]

What helped you overcome that mindset? [14:18]

What would be your advice to those who had that mindset? [17:42]

Business development and client acquisition [19:08]

What gave you the best chance of getting a client meeting? [22:02]

What did the perfect week used to look like for you? (KEY BREAKDOWN!) [25:19]

In terms of billings, what was your best year? [34:58]

Why have you been the person that has got to directorship so quickly? [38:27]

Internal dialogue and success  [41:38]

Managing your money as a recruiter [44:41]

Being a female in recruitment [48:48]

Multiple offices and female leaders [54:03]

How are you encouraging your team at the moment? [58:20]

What are you excited about? [1:02:42]

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