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Proper Equipment Equals Higher Efficiency – Justin Allen [RR 811]
Episode 8113rd January 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Can proper equipment equal higher efficiency? Justin Allen, a Manufacture's Rep for Hunter Engineering Company, continues to help shop owners understand that investing in the right equipment can increase the shop's profitability, save time, and build trusting customers. Justin Allen, Manufacture's Rep, Hunter Engineering Company Show Notes
  • Trends- ideas about automation and tracking your efficiency and productivity. Everything is driven toward reducing errors, reducing errors for your technician.
  • Hunter Quick Lane/Quick Check Drive- the digital photos of the vehicle and the actual alignment measurements. It takes the opinion out and is completely objective. 
  • "Sale people go arm in arm with shop owners to face this battle every day, and the battle is rusted nuts and bolts, and the battle is technology, that it's evolving so quickly that we can't seem to stay on top of it." 
  • If you're not being successful with the equipment, then something went wrong. 
  • Only 5-15% of automotive shop owners are engaged in active training and growth
  • Don’t be the frog in the pot of water- are you seeing what is around you?
  • Helping shop owners understand that investing in advanced equipment can increase the shop's profitability, save time, and build good trusting customers.
  • About 400 sales reps in North America and about 400 service technicians- local classes are also available.  
  • Stress reduction- what can a new piece of equipment do to make me more efficient?
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