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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 272, 23rd February 2021
Episode 272 – Ellie Lambert, 2021 President, Greater Tampa Realtors
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Episode 272 – Ellie Lambert, 2021 President, Greater Tampa Realtors

Episode Summary:

Today, our guest has worked in the real estate industry for almost thirty years and is the 2021 President of the Greater Tampa REALTORS®. Today's guest is Ellie Lambert, Broker Owner of Better Homes and Gardens Ellie and Associates based in the Tampa Bay area. 

In this episode, join Ellie and me as we discuss the Greater Tampa Bay area market and how Ellie took her successful independent brokerage to the next level by partnering with one of the largest international real estate companies. We also share the importance of volunteering and mentorship and what the future holds for real estate.

Top Takeaways: 

  • Ellie Lambert's Advice for New Agents
  • "Work smart, work long, work hard, work honestly and effectively, and leave the room at any time if someone tells you that being a realtor is easy."

"I truly believe that mentoring is a key contribution of being a leader in leadership talent." 

– Ellie Lamber [18:53] 

"It's great to be working with like-minded realtors through the association no doubt. I'm very much; my kind of motto for this year that I use within our team is teamwork. I wanted the me to become a we." – Ellie Lambert [19:25]  

Episode Highlights:

[00:19] Intro

[00:46] Meet Ellie Lambert – President of the Greater Tampa REALTORS® 

[01:58] Born and Raised in Tampa Bay 

[03:39] The Shifts and Growth in the Tampa Area 

[05:18] Gaining the Entrepreneurial Mindset 

[07:27] How Ellie Got into Real Estate 

[12:00] Servicing All Areas of Tampa 

[13:36] Independent Brokerage to Pairing Up with Better Homes and Gardens 

[17:42] The Importance of Volunteerism and Mentorship 

[21:06] Handling the Pandemic's Impact with a Positive Mindset 

[23:39] Key Projects in 2021 for the Greater Tampa REALTORS®

[25:57] Insights into the Future Real Estate Markets 

[26:54] Ellie's Advice for New Agents 

[27:43] Connect with Ellie 

[27:58] Closing Thoughts 

[28:17] Outro 

Episode Notes: 

Joining us today is Ellie Lambert, Broker Owner of Better Homes and Gardens Ellie and Associates and the 2021 President of the Greater Tampa REALTORS®. Ellie Lambert was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area and has seen first-hand the significant transformations in the real estate market of the area. 

Ellie Lambert's first job was working alongside her entrepreneurial parents to learn the ins and outs of owning a business, which allowed her to gain her entrepreneurial mindset and connect with others. While working in corporate America and moving on up the ladder, Ellie questioned her role as she wanted to have more time at home with her children. She began to put her skills into network marketing companies and sales and eventually found herself working alongside her spouse, remodeling and building homes to sell. 

Being in this line of work led her to obtain her real estate license as she had a natural love for people and had sales skills to succeed. Ellie has been in real estate for almost thirty years and spent her first few years as a realtor focusing on the foreclosure markets allowing her to pick up significant expertise in the area.

The Greater Tampa Bay area comprises multiple counties that Ellie Lambert shares at Better Homes and Gardens Ellie and Associates. She focuses on all counties allowing them to have more access to Multiple Listing Services and allowing her agents to specialize in specific areas. Ellie's essential factor is to offer a powerful and professional experience to the unique clients she services. 

Ellie Lambert started her brokerage as an independent broker and just passed her two-year mark of being partnered with Better Homes and Gardens, sharing that the company was the perfect fit for her needs and wants in the real estate space. Ellie also holds volunteering as important offering her skillsets and expertise with multiple committees and, most recently, becoming the President of the Greater Tampa REALTORS®. 

For the Greater Tampa REALTORS®, 2021 will focus on implementing business plans that better understand its members' needs and evolve as an association. Ellie shares that GTR conducted extensive research to understand better who the members are and what they needed from their involvement and investments. The Greater Tampa Realtors hope to reimagine and redesign the entire organization's culture to better align with the member's current philosophies, needs, and visions. 

Ellie Lambert's advice to new agents is to work smart, long, hard, honestly, and effectively and to leave the room at any time if someone tells you that being a realtor is easy! 

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