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Revolutionary Women - Clare Josa EPISODE 6, 16th December 2019
006 'Busyness' Or Breakthroughs? Taking Inspired Action
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006 'Busyness' Or Breakthroughs? Taking Inspired Action

Today is for you if you ever feel overwhelmed, turn into a perfectionist, love to procrastinate, and busyness is your BFF when you're stressed.

Busyness gets in the way of breakthroughs and stops us from taking 'inspired action'. Find out in this episode why 'busyness' is a physical addiction, as well as emotional - and how Imposter Syndrome can be a secret trigger for it.

You'll get a tour of the 4Ps of Imposter Syndrome from the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study, learn how to spot if you're running them, 

Plus I'm sharing with you the two self-mentoring questions you can ask yourself, if 'busyness' and the 4Ps strike.


Self-Mentoring Questions:

And I'd love to hear from you, over at our listener-only Facebook group: how did you get on with the two self-mentoring questions?

Deal with the answers to those two questions and the addiction to busyness will melt away.