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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman 28th November 2019
Christmas Countdown Week 5: What to do on Quiet Days
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Christmas Countdown Week 5: What to do on Quiet Days

The Quiet Day Freak Out. We've all had those quiet days- with zero clients in the appointment book- and we've all probably freaked out about it at one point or another.

The risk of a freak out can be especially high when it happens either before Christmas (in that November quiet time where everyone is booked for December) or after Christmas (when you're so used to being busy that the world feels like it's stopped.)

You can easily start to question your business, your team’s worth and what's gone wrong. I remember my first zero-day... I had a complete freakout!

But once I got over myself, this is what I did to fill the quiet time. 

Tune into this ep to hear it, and don’t forget to Complete my Quiet Day Checklist, I’ll link it below!


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