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Build an Authentic Life with a Business to Support It Featuring Dr. Andy Garrett
Episode 12524th December 2021 • GOING SOLO • David Shriner-Cahn
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With a doctorate in clinical psychology and extensive studies in life coaching and consultancy, Dr. Andy Garrett has created a revolutionary personal development protocol - with his Authentic Growth Blueprint signature course. Dr. Andy also has a successful private practice in Newport Beach, CA - where he lives with his wife and two children. We discuss:
  • The difference between having a choice and having an obligation [02:31]
  • A narrative of self-efficacy [05:44]
  • The type of motivation that is better than others [06:50]
  • How to understand your unique character strengths [11:16]
  • The number one regret people have [12:54]
  • The clarity that makes everything flow in the same direction [18:07]
  • Why saying no is a much more important decision than saying yes [22:57]
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