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Gift Biz Unwrapped - Sue Monhait EPISODE 319, 24th May 2021
319 – How to Capture the Power of Pinterest with Laura Rike
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319 – How to Capture the Power of Pinterest with Laura Rike

Have you been wondering if Pinterest is really worth your time and effort? Today's guest shares all her Pinterest best practices so you can finally capture the power of Pinterest for your product business. Pinterest best practicesAs a Pinterest Strategist, Laura helps high-performing business owners & content creators implement content growth plans, outsource their visibility, and steadily grow their monthly revenue. All without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success. She describes herself as a quirky, spunky, social butterfly who values open, honest relationships in every area of her life. She’s also the mother of two boys who are the center of everything.


  • Don't focus on the competition or feeling judged. Let your own personality shine.
  • Stay true to the audience coming to you. Keep your eyes focused on them rather than what your competition is doing.

Pinterest Best Practices

  • Pinterest should be considered a search feed platform like Google and YouTube. It is not a social media platform.
  • People go to Pinterest to search for a solution to a certain problem.
  • If you really want to reach a wider audience and bring in traffic and sales, take time to research more on the platform. What are people searching for?
  • Pin Hacking: See what type of designs, titles, and calls to action come on pins when you search for the type of product you offer. Then find a way to fill in the gaps those other companies are not filling.
  • A/B test your pins by trying two different designs or more for a single product and see which works better. Sometimes a gorgeous picture doesn't give the info a shopper needs to see.
  • Try different types of pins:
    • Static images such as text-only, product images, or behind the scenes
    • Video pins - short & sweet 20-second snippet. Great teasers and can link to products. Simple videos made on your phone are fine.
    • Story pins (can't link but good for brand awareness and getting followers) - videos of how you make a product, show your process, show your store - use up to 5-7 images
  • Every pin should include a call to action to lead people to where they can purchase your product.
  • Pinterest is a redirection site - you search for something, and it redirects you to where you can purchase.
  • DON'T use link shorteners (they are marked as SPAM). Use the actual link. <-- Pro tip! 
  • Be conversational and tell a story in your description, while including keywords. Tell readers in a nice polite way what you want them to do.
  • When posting the same product or article to different boards, the images and description should be different. The links can be the same but the post must be scheduled at different times (at least a week or more between pins). <-- Pro tip! 
  • Focus more on making new pins. Editing old pins that aren't bringing in results is less likely to help.
  • It's better to pin consistently than to pin tons of pins the same day.  <-- Pro tip!
  • Tune in for ALL the Pinterest best practices - including Hashtags, Pinterest ads vs Facebook ads & more! 

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