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Composing Alchemical Vibration with Zondo (OG 010)
18th March 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“I have to put myself up to the LIGHT so that no DARKNESS can exist within me.”

Growing up in wartime Liberia, Zondo knew only death and survival. He arrived alone in America at age 15, and found SOLACE and MEANING in his musical creations. Zondo’s incredibly unique fusion of jazz, funk, and African beats produce an atmosphere of community and one-ness. His harsh beginnings have born fruitful insights on alchemizing darkness and composing healing vibrations. He shares why colonialism is a VIRUS that all races are susceptible to and how trauma led him to self-authorship. We conclude with a moving musical performance!


  • [04:55] How trauma and pressure led Zondo to self-determination.
  • [07:40] Where did the name Zondo come from?
  • [10:55] Why colonialism is a VIRUS and not strictly tied to any race or continent.
  • [17:25] How Zondo alchemizes darkness thru his music.
  • [21:02] What is synesthesia? Can the senses all unify?
  • [23:45] One verse during wartime that defined his life - 2 Timothy 2:15 - “A working man need not be ashamed but rightly driven by the search for truth.”
  • [27:45] Why you can tell a lot about someone by the weight they carry.
  • [32:35] Why TIME is the most valuable resource.
  • [34:57] Raga Miracle - App with amazing vibrations to induce specific feelings!
  • [38:50] Zondo treats us to a musical performance!!!
  • [45:02] Is the world going through a dark night of the soul? - Zondo answers with a song!
  • [58:56] The power of doing everything in a good way. 

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