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The Turning Point With Dan Maw - Daniel Maw 7th June 2017
Spend Time Building With Colin Gray
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Spend Time Building With Colin Gray

Colin Gray is a podcaster, a writer and a PhD in digital education. He specialises in engaging through content, with podcasting at its core and how to publish prolific content without killing yourself. His company, The Podcast Host, helps anyone to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging and video to cultivate fanatical fans.


These days, Colin writes regularly on podcasting and content marketing, and he produces five podcasts along with his team at The Podcast Host. The topics include mountain biking, podcasting, subversive leadership and running a business. PodCraft is the flagship, a season-based show which tackles Podcasting topics head-on over a series of shows, looking to create a definitive guide each time.

Colin is also an experienced speaker, both in new media and in the academic world. Most recently he was a main-track speaker at New Media Europe and spoke at Podcast Movement in Texas, USA.


Colin’s Key Points


  1. Spend a year or two building your content first.
  2. You can’t build a business around content in 3 months, it takes at least a year.


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Top Quotes


  • I soon discovered that astrophysics is far less of looking into the cosmos with fascination and far more ridiculously hard equations and maths so, I quit that pretty quick.
  • It was through web design that I got into podcasting.
  • I discovered quickly that most successful freelancers have had a good employed career first.
  • I ended up teaching web design in a school.
  • Podcasting was new and it was a new tool to get your content out.
  • I ended up teaching the lecturers how to podcast as a learning tool.
  • My job was teaching people how to use new tech.
  • Some people were aggressively against technology.
  • The site started out as content and teaching.
  • I ended up taking on a PHD in online education.
  • This gave me the safety net to jump into The Podcast Host.
  • The plan was to keep growing the affiliate but to start and do client work and online courses.
  • The client work we were doing wasn’t very scalable.
  • The client asked for more and more and if I was paying for a service, I’d want to get the most from it but it gets to a point when it’s starting to take the piss a little bit.
  • It was probably a bit my fault as I didn’t manage it that well or set boundaries well enough.
  • You really do need to set good T’s & C’s.
  • You can be flexible but under moderation.
  • It’s really hard to put boundaries in later.
  • We did a bit of good cop, bad cop on the clients.
  • If you have a team, delegating the decision making can help a little bit.
  • We setup a much more robust project management system.
  • I’m a bit of a tools geek, I’ll try anything.
  • The big focus for me was to reach more people.
  • I found it was difficult to sell courses even though we had great traffic.
  • The solution was the bundle it all up into a membership.
  • I wanted a reliable recurring income for the business.
  • I completely underestimated the repositioning of the company.
  • I think that video supports podcasts so much.
  • I’m learning much more about how podcasts tie in other media.
  • You can’t build a business around content in 3 months, it takes at least a year.
  • It’s much easier to do things incrementally and much for sensible.


Key Timestamps


  • [0:49] – Many years ago, I studied astrophysics
  • [1:13] – Web design was my first step as a career
  • [2:03] – Ending up in education
  • [2:41] – The birth of The Podcast host
  • [5:51] – I always had it in my mind to work for myself.
  • [7:48] – Naughty web tactics
  • [9:04] – Developing The Podcast Host
  • [12:09] – A defining point for a need of change
  • [14:05] – Managing clients
  • [17:26] – Robust project management systems
  • [20:15] – Using tools so they work for you
  • [21:47] – Coaching
  • [26:22] – The biggest obstacle
  • [30:34] – The biggest thing
  • [33:24] – Guest links