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Shaping Journalism and Impactful Broadcasting in Ghana x Carlton Cofie (Asaase Radio 99.5) | S6 Ep.2
Episode 28th May 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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Adrian sits down with Carlton Cofie, Editor of Asaase Radio 99.5 in today’s episode. In this captivating interview, Carlton recounts his journey from teaching broadcast journalism to shaping the next generation of reporters in Ghana.

From discussing the impact of storytelling and the challenges of the evolving news industry to reminiscing about his time in London, this episode is packed with wisdom and insights.

We uncover:

  • The profound impact of storytelling and interviews in shaping public perception and impacting lives in Ghana and the diaspora

  • The challenges faced by traditional media outlets and the need to adapt to the digital platform

  • The gap between industry practices and academia in journalism education and the importance of proper training for aspiring journalists

  • What the future of journalism in Ghana looks like, including the convergence of traditional and digital media and the necessity for journalists to be versatile in reporting across multiple platforms

  • Memorable moments from Carlton's career, including interactions with budding musicians and interviewing Dr. Joe Cohen, the inventor of a Malaria vaccine

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Topics (Timestamps):

00:00 Intro

04:07 Feeling trapped in academia, industry's broadcasting challenges

07:07 Teaching and guiding colleagues in newsroom skills

12:12 Praising skills, discussing media trends, and future

13:32 People want on-demand content and news

16:27 Traditional media can thrive alongside digital media

19:59 Media arts school prepared for online and broadcast

25:31 Exciting career capturing rising stars' journeys

27:20 Broadcasters should be humble and honest

31:57 Presenter debates economist to entertain and inform

34:20 Journalism is about public service, not self-promotion

37:50 Mister Cartoon Cofie, journalist and radio editor

38:50 Outro

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