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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 22nd June 2017
127 Brain Injury Resource Group – Bono
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127 Brain Injury Resource Group – Bono

The Value of Community for Brain Injury

Jim Bono - From Minneapolis, MN - "As a brain injury survivor, you learn many things, and some you simply don’t understand. Then there are those topics that simply don’t make any sense at all and ya realize, that’s not my head - it just isn't working anyway. That model of misunderstanding and confusion is broken."

"So, welcome to BIRG, The Brain Injury Resource Group. We are the only formed, founded and staffed 501c3, truly non-profit focused on our global community around Acquired Brain Injury [ABI]. Simply said, survivor to survivor, caregiver to caregiver, medical community to medical community, legal field to legal field, social services and so on from Australia to Venezuela and all ports in between."

Connect with BIRG

In this episode, Jim points out the multiple values of joining this International Brain Injury Ressource community - for updates on neuroscience, resources for consultation, meaningful conversations with experienced colleagues and practitioners. It's easy, virtual, and a serious working-process contribution for those who feel alone with so many questions about their future treatment and recovery options.


Jim Bono Reports On The Value of Community

  • Jim got started with brain injury in a Tennessee field [spp-timestamp time="4:14"]
  • Details on how and why BIRG matters [spp-timestamp time="14:05"]
  • The problem is that many sit alone, by themselves [spp-timestamp time="17:09"]
  • Over 80% of marriages with a TBI victim end in divorce [spp-timestamp time="17:17"]
  • The current models for recovery are all local, brick and mortar [spp-timestamp time="21:26"]
  • Ours is a 24x7 completely non-profit international support group [spp-timestamp time="28:03"]
  • Log in, no cost whatsoever, no sales ever [spp-timestamp time="28:46"]
  • Sponsor Notes: The Berry Robinson Center & Direct Health Access Laboratory [spp-timestamp time="32:01"]
  • He continues to ride his motorcycle and stand up for fallen comrades in a number of ways [spp-timestamp time="49:32"]

Brain Injury Resource Group Website


Our Best Single Supplement Recommendation For Brain Recovery


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Again, special thanks, Jim, for your helpful insights on building teams on every level, from the pros down to the street levels in Anytown. It takes a team, we appreciate your BIRG, brain injury recovery team contributions.


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