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Spapreneur Podcast - Spapreneur Podcast EPISODE 114, 11th December 2019
Surround Yourself With Your Ideal Clients
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Surround Yourself With Your Ideal Clients

Ideal clients are not just those that walk through the door wanting treatments. As a business owner you need to make sure your whole team are also your ideal clients. From your therapists and front desk staff, through to your tech guy, you need to make sure that these are people who you can count upon, who you can trust and are people you truly want to be around. On this episode of the Spapreneur podcast, we’re giving you the 6 core values that you should be thinking about when deciding whether someone is your ideal client!

Topics Mentioned

  • Old lady shop
  • Ideal clients
  • This therapist is not Lynn’s ideal client
  • Clients belong to themselves
  • We’ve been dealing with a few issues 
  • If you could clone three people in your business who would it be
  • Take note of these 6 core values

Resources Mentioned