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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 17th February 2019
76: Environmental Engineer in Sustainable Chemicals at Nike – Joy Marsalla
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76: Environmental Engineer in Sustainable Chemicals at Nike – Joy Marsalla

Joy Marsalla earned a master’s degree inEnvironmental Engineering degree from Arizona State and is a sustainable Chemicals Manager at Nike.

[1:05] Why Joy chose more of an industrial route vs a remediation route with her Environmental Engineering Degree. She had no idea that a company like Intel, or any big company, had a need for Environmental Engineers.

[2:50] Some things Joy did not like about the remediation side of the business – She was not real keen on the consulting side, the upfront business process. She wanted to be more technical.

[4:30] She explains what she does today.

[5:22] Goes into the Master vs a Bachelor’s degree – the route you want to take will dictate whether a master’s degree is needed.

[7:20] Describes what a day might look like – no typical day, but always working with people on day to day basis many that don’t have an environmental degrees.

[8:55] One thing that we don’t know – Big companies, when you make a small change there – it can have big changes/impact.

[10:40] What has Joy fired – inspired by the movement around awareness for environmental needs around the world.

[11:40] Turning an Ah-ha moment into success – sometimes people connect with your story vs you being right – people care about the why, why people should care.

[14:34] Getting through college – it is important to socialize and build relationships and learn what their story is. If interested you can connect with Joy on linked in Joy Marsalla.

[18:05] Your time spent reflects your values.

[19:20] Parting guidance – find and experienced person you can talk to.

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