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Episode 119 Best of 2018
26th December 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 119 Best of 2018

It’s the last episode of 2018 and I want to thank all of you who are listening and all of those who have shared their brave and vulnerable stories on the show this year. It’s been a phenomenal year filled with crazy good episodes if I do say so myself.  I started this episode out wanting to do the BEST OF 2018, but realized as I surveyed the shows that if I did that it would be a VERY long episode, so my editor and I, pulled numbers at random to do a year-end review. Today’s episode does a quick reminder blurb from 10 of the top episodes of the past year. Listen in for some quick refreshers.

We talk about 3 angles regarding story on this podcast – the first is the past. When we have stories that are holding us back we need to do the work to reframe them so we can move forward in our full power. The second is the present. Becoming aware of the stories we are telling ourselves today, especially about ourselves, creates or diminishes our power to live well and be who we came to be. And third, is the future. Every day we plant the seeds for our tomorrow – for the next chapter in our story  and so the things we do today matter to our future story.  This is the focus of our first flashback for 2018 – Doing acts of kindness in the world to create a better story. One of the episodes we did this year – episode 89 was a live discussion with the group who had gathered to do random acts of kindness. In this blurb Rebecca Dahl Cookston and I are discussing her experience and the effects   – uncomfortable and satisfying, of the RAK.

Listen to the audio program to hear the conversation.

In episode 72 I open a discussion about a story archetype. Story archetypes are the repetitive characters we see in our stories because they mark crucial points within a story – these are found in fairy tales, but also in our real-life stories. In this episode, I’m talking about the Threshold Guardian or the thing or person that stands as a block to you getting something you want. It’s important to understand this concept so that when your threshold guardians show up in real life you can see them for what they are.

Listen to the audio program to hear the chosen segment.

One of our most popular series this year was Episode 73-75 The Search for Annie Schmidt. Annie Schmidt, the daughter of John Schmidt the pianist from the popular group, the Piano Guys, went missing in 2016. The subsequent search for her and the discovery of her body was filled with miracles and cooperation.

Listen to the audio program to hear a section from the trilogy where Annie’s mother talks about the miracle of hearing her daughter from the grave.

Jennifer Anderson was meditating and talking with God at 3 a.m. one morning and she was inspired to create a journal. This journal entitled 3 a.m. with God changed her career path and her focus as she focuses on helping people listen, hear and act on inspiration.

Listen to the audio program for a short segment of my chat with Jennifer.

In episode 93 I talk about another story archetype – the Herald. These are real. There are moments when we are called into the adventures of our lives. Do we say no or do we say yes?

Listen to the audio program for that segment.

Mark Shurtleff, a past attorney general of Utah, shared a vulnerable personal interview with me about the toll the difficult events of the past few years took on him. His public face got personal in this interview  – episode 96.

Listen to the audio program for the piece of our interview.

You want someone to understand you better? Share a story that illustrates why you feel as you do. This is a key story tool. Tune into episode 70 for a whole discussion on sharing stories to create understanding.

Tune into the audio program for a quick pointer about how to help others understand you better.

In episode 116 you get a special treat – the book – Key to your Super Self and how your Stories unlock your power in audio form. Here’s a blurb discussing how inner stories get created from a young age. To get this book in e-book form you can go to and a pop-up box will come up where you can sign up for it.

Tune into the audio program to hear the quick blurb from the book

One of the loudest most destructive stories that goes on in our heads is an attack on our bodies. Episode 76 is dedicated to a discussion on how to stop this and accept your fabulous, blessed body that allows you to do all the great things you do.

Tune into the audio program for some thoughts on loving our bodies.

One of our latest episodes was an interview with Donna Marino who lost her father in 9/11 – I was honored to get to discuss these events with her with an inside individual look at this national tragedy.

Tune into the audio episode for this clip from the Donna Marino episode.

I am honored to be a party to listening and recording the personal, vulnerable, and raw stories of loss and triumph, fear and conquering, standing back up in the arena after the hard stuff hits, and celebrating and discussing ideas that help us all create the best life stories on purpose. Thanks for being a part of the Love Your Story audience. I hope you listen weekly for empowerment and inspiration and share each episode with someone you know who could use a light. Tune in next week as we start 2019, and be prepared for another fantastic year of stories and support in creating YOUR best life story on purpose.

*There were soooo many good episodes and great stories in the past year. All of them deserved a spot in this episode, but we just couldn’t fit them all.