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Technician Tools and Jocko [THA 298]
Episode 29820th October 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Do wages today support the tools technicians need? What are they spending? Are owners using tool purchase programs for their employees? Andy Bizub from Midwest Performance Car, Chicago, shares his perspective on tool programs in his shop. Andy also discusses his experience at Jocko Willink’s ‘Echelon Front’ Muster conference that he is sending his people to and why it is ‘next level’ training.

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Andy Bizub, Midwest Performance Cars, Chicago and Northbrook, IL. Listen to Andy’s previous episodes HERE. Key Talking Points
  • Tool purchase/reimbursement/credit program is a retention tool for the shop
  • Interest-free "loans" to techs for tool purchases are effectively zero net cost
  • Having the tech buy their own tools through your program keeps them invested in themselves, their career, and in the shop
  • Payback through hour deductions has to comply with minimum wage laws.
  • EVERYONE in your organization can have the opportunity to lead in some way, to the great benefit of the whole organization-,
  • Leadership can be taught and coached  
  • Leadership involves subordinating your ego. It's not about "my way or the highway"
  • Enthusiasm for the future- Teslas and EVs are an opportunity and not a threat
  • Get your employees in the mindset that they are able to lead in their areas of expertise

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