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17 - Headbutting Your Way to the Mile High Club
Episode 1720th January 2020 • Not So Bon Voyage Travel Podcast • Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams
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We’re snowed in and the van won’t start, so we’ve had plenty of time to research some hilarious stories this week! We look at some crazy stories from the news, including the tale of 5 tourists who broke into Machu Picchu and didn’t give a crap about the ancient site (or maybe they did!). We also look at the startling number of times scorpions been found on board an airplane.

For our main stories, Christine tells Jules two accounts of Canadian men who wanted to enjoy a vacation abroad with their family and ended up paying more than they bargained for. Pro tip: Always check your receipts! Then Jules tells Christine of an English woman who knocked back a few too many glasses of red wine on a flight and went on a rampage. Let’s just say the claws came out!

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