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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 13th August 2018
Ep 29 – Interview with Reva Mody
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Ep 29 – Interview with Reva Mody

Today I’m chatting with a wife, mother, chocolate chip ice cream lover, and former Corporate finance employee. After working 10 years in the field, she quite her job to pursue something she was not only passionate about, but that could bring positive change in people’s lives. She is currently pursuing coursework toward her Masters in Psychology.

She is the host of The Anxious Rebels Podcast, which is a platform for people to share their stories about mental health in a fun, judgement free and safe way. In our interview, she shares about how she had entrepreneurial anxiety, but started her podcast anyway. She shares lots of wisdom about anxiety in general, how she had the courage to tell her story and other obstacles she has faced along the way. She has a great perspective and mission to accomplish.

You can find Reva on Instagram @mintchiprebel.