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Are you Saying Yes, When you Mean No?
21st November 2023 • Giving Voice to Recovery • Giving Voice to Recovery
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Elizabeth discusses the second of the five patterns of Codependency - Compliance.

Sharing from her "lived experience" as a person in long term recovery from addiction, she takes a deep dive in to this common set of coping mechanisms.

The Five patterns of codependency:





Low Self Esteem

Here is the YouTube playlist link for this mini series


In this five part series, Singer Songwriter Elizabeth Edwards will share her experience with Codependency based on her "lived experience". She offers suggestions that have been helpful in her recovery because she believes that many with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are limited by these patterns well into their recovery, as was her experience.

The Resources mentioned can be found at the link below:

Elizabeth Edwards is a singer songwriter, and recording artist known for her smooth vocals and powerful lyrics. She is a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. She is a speaker and advocate for recovery causes and currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Faces & Voices of Recovery. She is the host of the new Podcast Giving Voice to Recovery.

Giving Voice to Recovery celebrates those who have found purpose in using their voice to change perceptions and challenge stereotypes while inspiring hope and providing awareness to those still seeking solutions for addiction.

"There is a healing power in sharing our personal recovery journeys."

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