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Episode 340 - Kendall Bonner, Owner of RE/MAX Capital Realty, The Kendall Bonner Team & Compass Consulting & Solutions, LLC
Episode 3403rd January 2023 • The Real Estate Sessions • Bill Risser
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Are you feeling stuck in a career that doesn't fulfill you? Take a chance and follow your heart - it might lead you down a path to career satisfaction. Owner of RE/MAX Capital Realty, Kendall Bonner, was a lawyer for 20 years in Florida practicing criminal law, workers' compensation insurance defense, and bankruptcy law. She became a real estate agent, even though her husband took a long time to come to terms with the move. After becoming a real estate agent out of boredom and wanting to do something more interesting, it quickly turned into a full-time career that required commitment. This chance decision happened to be one of her best career moves ever. She got her real estate license and joined a brokerage with many listings and closings, initially focusing on being a great listing agent. She practiced as an agent before owning her own brokerage firm and becoming a multiple business owner to serve her more significant goals. She has had an incredible journey of growth and learning as an entrepreneur, which you'll hear about in today's episode. 

She also discusses her upbringing in the Inland Empire area of California, including growing up in San Dimas and attending South Hills High School. She talks about her education, including earning a bachelor's degree in English and Women's Studies from UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside and attending law school. Throughout the interview, Bill and Kendall discuss the importance of constantly nurturing relationships and expanding one's network to have a healthy pipeline of business opportunities. Kendall mentions growing up with an entrepreneurial mother who owned her medical practice and that she learned the value of hard work and dedication at a young age. The two also discuss Kendall's experiences as a real estate agent and business owner, including the challenges and lessons she has learned along the way. Overall, the interview provides incredible insight into Kendall's background, her real estate career, and what you can do to get yours up and successfully running!

Success clues:


● Invest your time into networking. Business growth comes from connecting with people you know and don't.

● Take inventory of your transferable skills – they can help you pave a new path from your existing one.

● The best advice for beginners in real estate is to find a team and team leader who would guide and train you to become better in the business.


Meet The Guest!

Kendall Bonner is a leader, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. She has been a Florida-licensed attorney since 2003. She is the broker/owner RE/MAX Capital Realty and team leader of The Kendall Bonner Team, starting her real estate journey in 2011.


Time Stamps

[00:00] Sneak peek 

[00:17] Intro

[02:18] Growing up in San Diego, California

[07:20] Kendall's background as an attorney and how she got her real estate license.

[11:21] Kendall's transferable skills to real estate from law

[13:55] The decision to start her brokerage firm and the vision behind it

[16:08] How Pasco County has changed in the last ten years

[19:49] networking + Business growth: How REMAX has helped Kendall's career and business

[24:17] Why she decided to bring in a managing broker to run the team

[26:27] A team is an opportunity for you to help two groups of people – the new licensee and the agent who doesn't have the wherewith

[31:09] What's a new tech thing Kendall's fired up about?

[35:08] advice for new agents getting started: Joining a team, get properly trained and get a strong leader who would help you achieve what you want to achieve

[37:45] How to reach out to Kendall online


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