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Leadership Is Changing - Denis Gianoutsos. EPISODE 108, 17th February 2021
108: Mark Trafford - What's Your Leadership Why?
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108: Mark Trafford - What's Your Leadership Why?

Mark Trafford is a self-confessed entrepreneur who currently owns 2 businesses in the property sector and also (TNG) The Networking Group that facilitates networking meetings for business owners. After 25 years fighting the corporate ladder in several high-level positions both in New Zealand and The United Kingdom, Mark decided to take on the world himself in 2007 and start his business.

Now with 11 franchises, his property brand is becoming a well-recognized name in New Zealand. Mark's true passion lies in business, and being an ideas man; he surrounds himself with clever individuals that strengthen his teams and enable him to focus on what he enjoys and is good at. Mark is an author and avid All Blacks fan and father of 5 teenagers and lives with his partner Melanie on a rural property north of Auckland.

On this episode:

  • Mark speaks about his background and realizing from an early age that he was a leader 
  • Mark says that we are all born as leaders
  • Mark talks about what pushed him to pursue becoming a leader
  • Mark shares his view on how leadership has changed and how he had to adapt to the changes
  • Mark stresses the importance of your business adapting to the technological advancements of the world
  • Mark discusses that he would like to see new businesses in New Zealand getting more support

Key Takeaways:

  • If you're learning to be a leader, you must learn and research what a good leader is and the qualities needed.
  • Don't be afraid to fail
  • You need to play at your best all the time
  • Lead by example
  • Let your people feel valued


Tweetable Quotes:

"I think we are born as leaders, and then we learn to adapt." – Mark Trafford

"If you can adapt your business just slightly and lead it in another direction, it can be extremely successful." – Mark Trafford

"The other thing about being a leader is not everyone's gonna like you." – Mark Trafford

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