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#52: What’s the Deal With the Green New Deal?
Episode 5229th January 2019 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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In Episode 52, Quinn & Brian ask (using their best Seinfeld impression): What’s the deal with the Green New Deal? Our guest is Varshini Prakash, a founder of the Sunrise Movement, a veritable army of young folks fighting to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We think Varshini will be, no exaggeration, one of the most instrumental people in American politics (and for the future health of our planet) over the next couple years. The Sunrise Movement’s army is comprised of ordinary people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places they love. They aren’t looking to the Left or the Right to solve the problem – they’re looking forward to unite millions of people and reclaim our democracy from the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executive and those who empower them. The cornerstone of this movement is the Green New Deal, a plan that will transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis. So this summer, thousands of people from Sunrise will descend on one of the first Democratic Presidential debates to #ChangeTheDebate and make sure the #GreenNewDeal is a top issue in the 2020 election. Like our friends Elsa Mengistu and Emelly Villa from episode 33, Varshini recognizes that #thisisZeroHour – and the Green New Deal is our chance to turn back the clock. Trump’s Book Club: Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King Jr. Links: Learn more at Find or start a local Sunrise Hub: Donate to Sunrise: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Blueprint for the Green New Deal: Check out Connect with us: Subscribe to our newsletter at! Intro/outro by Tim Blane: Follow Quinn: Follow Brian: Like and share us on Facebook: Check us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: