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The Serious Shift Blogcast with Dennis Moseley-Williams - Dennis Moseley-Williams EPISODE 113, 29th June 2020
Episode 113: Drip, Drip, Drip
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Episode 113: Drip, Drip, Drip

We love to believe in the big splash, the once in a lifetime opportunity, the chance meeting that changes everything.

We like to believe in these things because it gives us an excuse to wait. To wait to be discovered, or for the offer or the time to be right.

Waiting for a miracle is a lot more compelling than working for chance.

The truth is, the reason we can all tell a story about a big splash, or an overnight success story is because they stand out. Miracles are miracles by definition, because they almost never happen.

Usually success comes from the drip method. One drip, impression, touch at a time that builds familiarity and trust until finally, you get the result you’re looking for.

Obviously, you know this.

I’m not here to tell you about first drips, I am here to warn you it will be lonely. You will have a lot of friends around celebrating the first drip, but not the last. Everyone who gets excited about first drips will have moved on to another first drip to be excited about.

Not you though.

What you know is that the thing to be excited about is the opportunity to release the next drip.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams