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Don’t Let COVID Be an Excuse – Rachel Spencer [AW 091]
Episode 915th February 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Guest Host and shop tour with Rachel Spencer, Spencer's Auto Repair, Krum TX. Rachel discusses strategies to tackle the uncertainty, frustration, and lack of communication we continue to face.

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Rachel Spencer, Spencer’s Auto Repair, Krum Texas. Listen to her other episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Uncertainty and frustration- lack of communication and follow-through, having what a customer needs and wants
  • Local food chains/grocery stores being out of supplies- facing the unknown and what to expect, 
  • Close the expectation gap- count on you the first time, every time
  • Excuses- “don’t have it, can’t get it”
  • Finding parts- going above and beyond and letting your customers know you are finding solutions 
  • “Communication is the art of language”
  • Building trust as soon as a customer walks in the door

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