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Season 2 Episode 8: Be Kind
Episode 820th April 2022 • The Intimate Marriage Podcast • Alexandra Stockwell
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Throughout the world, the most common relationship advice given is to compromise. If you want a bland, conflict-free companionship, then yes, go ahead and compromise. But if you want the spice and spark of an intimate marriage, become uncompromising and make your desires known!

As women, we are conditioned to disconnect from our desires. When I came to understand the importance of bringing my feelings into my marriage and started speaking up, it didn’t go so well. It actually left me feeling lonely. Turns out the problem wasn’t that my husband didn’t want me to have my desires; the problem was the way I was speaking to him about it. He wanted me to be kind.

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Learning how to be kind isn’t as simple as it sounds. That’s why there’s a module in the Aligned & Hot Marriage program which focuses on precisely on the topic. Many women have gotten used to speaking with a sting or acidity, and it’s beautiful to evolve into a more connected way of communicating.

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Season 1, Episode 42 "Uncompromising Intimacy"


DESIRES: Awaken the WOMAN within

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