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Trailer10th August 2023 • Have You Thought About • Dhruti Shah
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It's time for Season Two of Have You Thought About and journalist and creative practitioner Dhruti Shah speaks to successful women about what makes them who are they are today.


Dhruti Shah:

I'm Dhruti Shah, and this is my podcast Have You Thought about. We're about to embark on season two. I'm a writer, and I love to find out about what passions people are pursuing and what makes them tick. The podcast is for those who are at a reckoning and tired of being told, you can just have this one focus, only one thing that makes you you. In each edition, I'm going to chat with

Ace Ambrose:

I didn't want to tell anyone, because I was afraid. I was the only woman of colour at senior level within the organisation I worked in. And I didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to tell me that I couldn't be in that job anymore.

Ace Ambrose:

But then when you're spread in so many different directions, the only way to sort of market yourself is as a kind of genre bender.

Ramaa Sharma:

I was not afraid to do that. I wasn't afraid of what people are gonna think of me or they couldn't care less. I just thought I was just thinking about my son anyway. But I did it. You know, I was unafraid of how people might have judged me in a way that I probably would have cared about before.

Hewete Haileselassie:

I'm not stuck in this space of what do I do? Do I text them, do I call them? Do I go around? Is that intrusive? As an Ethiopian, it's somehow kind of in your blueprint, you know, that you show up at their house with food?

Erica Berry:

How do I live beside this fear? And besides danger and beside violence, those are questions that any person is maybe encountering.

Ali Shaw:

It's almost like that's such a big part of my life, you know what it's like especially when you're living in a foreign country -, you know and you're on call pretty much all the time. That takes so much out of you that when you're not at work, then you just let it go.

Genevieve Hassan:

I don't just kind of scattergun approach and just said like a bunch of emails out and hope that something sticks and comes back to me. I research everyone first to find a good story.

Leigh Honeywell:

One thing that we found is that the trust and safety community is very tight knit and everybody knows each other.

Doreen Cunningham:

All the way to the Arctic to Arctic Alaska, where I had previously been and that's where they like to feed on the benthic bottom dwelling and anthropods; little crustaceans.

Dhruti Shah:

Have You Thought About. It can be found you via If you liked the podcast, do share rate and review. It's an independent podcast and if you find it helpful, then let people know. Thank you to Rian Shah for the music.



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