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041 : Todd Lammi – Wholesale Intel for $100k a month Wholesale Business plan that can be replicated!
9th November 2015 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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This picture should be your inspiration for listening to this podcast. This is Todd’s recent outgoing shipment he did just before traveling for his full time job, yes he has a full time job PLUS a seven-figure Amazon business. Todd is proof that you can be successful with a full time job, a couple of kids, a spouse oh and a 100k a month Amazon business. Think about that for a moment, let that resonate for you!


If you have done Retail Arbitrage and have been hit with limits, been turned away by a cashier, had your Target card cancelled or just have plain trouble finding quantities of inventory…….This is for you!

If you have been banned by retailers for reselling, or had orders cancelled, quantities limited or Companies claim you are not authorized to sell their product…….This is for you!

If you have tried Private Label and ran into long lead times, limited cash……This is for you!


Imagine finding companies that want to sell to you, they have multiple sku’s, you can start with as little as $200, the packages come to YOU (or Amazon directly), just imagine getting your time back! Now is the time to plan for the new year, you will have cash from 4th quarter sales…do you want to consider another option than the hamster wheel? Than this is for you!

Todd dispels many rumors about wholesale:

Too expensive to start, you need thousands to order- (False) You can order as little as $100 with some companies

Don’t want to sell to Online sellers- (False) Some do not want to sell to, know upfront and find the ones that don’t care

Must have a warehouse- (False) You can get boxes, just like OA

Margins are too small- (False) You can turn items so much faster and therefore get a faster return (higher annualized!)


This course costs $197.00 when you sign up directly, but Todd is allowing my listeners a $50.00 discount when you use this link: Wholesale Intel  logo

You get Four Videos for a start to finish lesson on wholesaling plus…..

  • Everything you need to get started wholesaling
  • How to source trade shows
  • How to contact and win over wholesalers
  • How to make educated and profitable buying decisions
  • Rules for ordering products
  • The secrets to using keyword research to find the best wholesalers
  • How to find profitable product distributors
  • How to automate it all with virtual assistants
  • How to increase wholesale margins
  • How to reduce wholesale costs
  • Forecasting Q4 sales
  • How to cut your re-order time in half
  • and much more!
You will also get these exciting bonus features and downloads!
  • A proven email template for contacting wholesalers
  • A powerful forecasting Excel template
  • My list of the most popular tradeshow websites
  • Access to Todd’s most popular archived Spreecasts

Take advantage of the special Listeners discount (Save $50.00) when you use this link: Wholesale Intel