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Your Purpose is Always With You So Focus on Your Message w/Jonathan Milligan
Episode 129th September 2021 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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I wanted to kick off Season 4 by bringing to you one of my favorite online mentors. Jonathan Milligan is an author, podcaster, and online business coach. His "15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers" was of the roadmaps that got me to become serious about blogging.

We all have unique gifts and abilities. When we find what it is, our duty is to create a space where you can share it with others. The talent or gift you have is not meant to serve just you. The message we have within us can help others.

Jonathan shares insights from his new book Your Message Matters.


  • Learn to bloom where you're planted (5:20)
  • Your purpose is with you all the time
  • Measure action instead of results (10:10)

Check out Jonathan's book here.

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and that is a worthy occupation to be pouring into your kids. 00:14:45 [jennifer_francis]: Yes, thank you very much and thank you for coming. I really appreciate talking to you. 00:14:50 [jonathan_milligan]: Yeah, thanks for having me.