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EVM069 Messenger Bots and Your Video Strategy with Dan Pinne
Episode 695th November 2018 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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Dan Pinne from Organik Digital, a Facebook marketing and bots agency, joins us in this episode as we talk about building, engaging and communicating with our audience through the integration of video content strategies and Facebook messenger bots. We explore the possibilities of implementing these strategies to improve your business. Dan also shares an interesting case study about how you can seamlessly introduce bots into your marketing funnel to grow your business.

In this episode

  • What led Dan into digital marketing and the world of Facebook bots.
  • The importance of engaging conversations in good digital marketing strategies.
  • What are messenger bots and what roles do they play in a business.
  • Do bots really take away human interaction in your business?
  • 2 aspects to bots and how we can use them to engage users and segment leads in our business.
  • Steps on how to easily set up a Facebook messenger bot for your business.
  • A case study on integrating chatbots into video marketing strategies - how it works, how to implement call to actions and drive people to video lead magnets.
  • Tips for traditional businesses in using messenger bots to drive traffic and engagement to marketing videos in organic strategies.
  • Using messenger bots in sales or e-commerce and integrating video in this part of the funnel.


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