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Desktop Documentaries with Filmmaker Faith Fuller
Episode 1129th September 2016 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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On this International Podcast Day (yes, there is such a thing!), it’s only appropriate to bring you another installment to our monthly conversations with documentary industry people. This time out, I spoke with documentary filmmaker (Briars in the Cotton Patch) and founder of Desktop Documentaries, Faith Fuller.


I’ve been following the Desktop Documentary website for a couple of years. The site is a wonderful all-encompassing resource for documentary filmmakers. Desktop Documentaries has been a passion project for Fuller and it’s grown leaps and bounds since it’s inception, nearly a decade ago. Recently, it underwent a massive re-brand and overhaul of the site, including the just-released Documentary Filmmaking Learning Center.


Among other things, Faith and I talked about how her tv news reporting and then her video producing for world re-nowned humantiarian organisation Habitat for Humanity International, best set her up for success in the documentary film world. We also discussed her EMMY award-winning doc, Briars in the Cottonpatch, including the importance of connections with one’s subjects and how documentary filmmaking transforms who we are are as human beings.


And of course, as we always do with these monthly conversations, we delved a bit into how Faith herself lives and leads her own documentary life!


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As mentioned in the show, Faith and Desktop Documentaries have just released the brand new Documentary Filmmaking Learning Center. I encourage you to try out the platform FOR FREE with the brand new Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course.


One of the great new features is direct access Q&A’s with the course instructor to help guide you through the filmmaking process. Plus everything can now be accessed with one simple login.



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