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Two Artists Walk into a Bar - Carol McQuaid 1st August 2019
Talking Art Licensing and More with Shandra Smith
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Talking Art Licensing and More with Shandra Smith

Talking Art Licensing and More with Shandra Smith

Our Guest Artist: Shandra Smith www.shandrasmith.com 

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid www.carolmcquaidart.com

Our Bar: Third Space Coffee, Kelowna www.thirdspacecoffee.ca

 In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Working at the Kelowna Art Gallery, realizing that artists are regular people (eureka!)
  • Teaching herself to use photoshop and playing with reimagining digital images
  • Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and dealing with chronic pain
  • Finding a way to work that satisfied her need to create within her physical limitations
  • SOPA Fine Arts in Kelowna
  • Getting started with art licensing
  • Designing shoes with Bucketfeet.com
  • Wallsauce.com British wallpaper and wall mural company
  • Her Scratch Art books
  • Kelowna Art and Business Award
  • Rex Ray PBS Documentary: How to Make a Rex Ray


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