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Episode 17: Andy Paul Reinvents Realness (and Selling)
Episode 179th July 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Does not get cooler than a conversation with the man, the myth, the legend that is the great Andy Paul.

Speaking from experience.

For this installment of the RevenueReal Hotline, Andy and I talk our history and his impact for me.

We talk how ridiculous it is to propogate that selling does not involve relationships.

We talk all that is sales variation ( = shit is complex). 

We talk how society perceives sellers.

We talk about how easy it is to slip into a consumerism within human interactions e.g. Tinder.

We talk communication shifts to digital and asynchronous, and the major skill gap left in the wake.

Something most SDR onboarding programs neglect to address.

We talk about the importance of conversations during relationship building.

We talk about how hard it can be to form and maintain relationships when aspiring to not feel anything bad.

:: cough, me, cough::

We talk training and coaching back to human connection aka be human.

We talk Andy's next book!!!

We talk about 'compassion empathy' v. cognitive empathy and why the latter is more important.

We talk ADHD and hypersensitivity and how it can be a superpower (on most days).

We talk how sleep remains my Achilles heel. 

We talk about how amazing (and smart) it would be to embed a sports psychologist onto sales floors.

We talk how books are still the best way to absorb new concepts and ideas.

We talk about how sales is a creative pursuit that requires real-time synthesis of information received.

We talk about Andy's learning curve at the seven-year mark, and his pivot into major accounts. 

We talk coaching and challenging others v. doing so ourselves.

Really though, we talk human.

Interested in joining the conversation? Call or text...

Against Empathy by Paul Bloom