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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 30th September 2018
58: Electrical Engineer-working in cyber security-Valerie Seidl
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58: Electrical Engineer-working in cyber security-Valerie Seidl

Valerie Seidl earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and currently works for Synercomm which is a cyber security firm.

[5:15] background on her day.

[6:00] Valerie states that with a degree in Electrical Engineering it gives you a very good understanding of the low level technology and pretty much sets you up for a career in any field in technology. Since cyber security is changing so fast, a lot is being learned on the fly, so if interested in this career path there are many starting points; could be computer engineering, computer science, information technology, etc. She is really excited about cyber security because it is always evolving and is using analytics to determine when the security has been breached.

[7:30] Valerie talks about her ah-ha moment – navigating college is tough and a professor provided an opportunity to attend a week long power electronics conference and she realized there how important security was.

[9:30] Getting through college: Don’t give up as we will all fail somewhere along the line and be agile an adaptable. Surround yourself around people that have the same common goals as you.

[10:45] Transitioning from College into a Career. Learning what is progress in the career because in college you knew your progress based upon passing of test, but no so in real life.

[12:00] Lightning round: Dreams don’t work unless you do, and expert’s aren’t born overnight.

[13:00] Parting piece of guidance.

Valerie recommends the book “Practical Electronics for Engineers” by Paul Scherz.

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