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BONUS: 2nd Anniversary Special, Lori Adams-Brown Shares 10 Life Tips in 10 Minutes
Episode 983rd August 2022 • A World of Difference • Lori Adams-Brown
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Happy 2nd Anniversary to the A World of Difference Podcast Community! You are a gift to this community and to the world around you. It has been a beautiful 2 years of growing and learning together. Thank you for listening and engaging with our episodes!

Lori was recently asked by podcast host Dr. Stephan Neff, after being a guest on his podcast, to give 10 points in 10 minutes that she might share with someone such as at an airport waiting for a flight. Since many of you are flying right now, and traveling on trains, in cars and on buses, this was an opportunity for Lori to share her 10 points. She is offering it here as a gift to you on this 2nd anniversary. Mostly, though, we wanted it to spur on your creative juices for your own 10 points. How about we give gifts to each other by sharing our own 10 points. What would you say to someone if you had 10 minutes to share 10 life tips?

So, hop on over to our A World of Difference podcast community group on Facebook, or add to the comments on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to share your 10 points with the rest of our community. We love to hear your perspectives!


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