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Using PR to GET SEEN with Special Guest Cindy Rodriguez
Episode 921st February 2023 • GET SEEN • Leilani Wells
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Using PR to GET SEEN 

Episode Introduction

Welcome to the GET SEEN with the Leilani Wells podcast, where we discuss all things related to helping you and your business gain visibility. If you want more exposure and to feel more comfortable with sales, social media, marketing, and overall branding, then you’re in the right place. I’m your host, Leilani Wells, and today we have a special guest with us. 

Cindy Rodriguez is a media strategist who helps turn experts into sought-after media authorities. She has extensive experience in PR for small businesses and knows how to build strong relationships with stakeholders. In this episode, Cindy shares her expertise on PR, explaining its importance in building credibility and trust within your community. She emphasizes the value of publications, podcasts, and public speaking as effective ways to reach new audiences and position yourself as an expert in your field. Cindy also discusses her own nomadic lifestyle and how she combines work and travel seamlessly. Join us as we dive into the world of PR and discover how it can elevate your brand’s visibility.

Main Topics

  • Embracing longevity in the public relations space
  • Women breaking the mold on social media
  • Value of creating content with longevity, such as publications and YouTube videos, that can have a lasting impact and contribute to legacy building
  • Challenges of traveling
  • Holistic approach to PR
  • Challenges and benefits of living a nomadic lifestyle, including the importance of sustainability and finding ways to maintain exercise routines while traveling
  • Three P's: publications, podcasts, public speaking
  • Balancing living in the moment and getting content

Listeners can connect with Cindy on LinkedIn or visit her website at to learn more about her services. They can also join the waitlist for Cindy's PR Pitch Software.


Connect with your Host, Leilani⬇️

Leilani is a Visibility and Marketing Strategist specializing in social media marketing, video content experiences, and getting you SEEN (both online + offline).

Using her signature visibility process (GET SEEN), she helps Innovators and Entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and become known as the go-to expert so that they can grow their impact + income.

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