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Using PR to GET SEEN with Special Guest Cindy Rodriguez
Episode 921st February 2023 • GET SEEN • Leilani Wells
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In this episode of the GET SEEN podcast, host Leilani interviews Cindy Rodriguez, a public relations expert, on how entrepreneurs can use PR to increase their visibility and credibility.

In the opening segment, Leilani introduces Cindy and asks her to share her background and experience in the field of PR. Cindy talks about her journey into writing for large publications and how it led her to start her own PR agency. She also explains the difference between PR and advertising and why PR is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs. 

Moving on to the main segment, Leilani and Cindy dive into the strategies and tactics entrepreneurs can use to get media coverage and increase their exposure. They discuss the importance of building relationships with journalists, crafting a compelling pitch, and creating a media kit. Cindy also shares some of her favorite PR success stories and tips for entrepreneurs who want to DIY their PR. 

In the success story segment, Leilani shares a story of an entrepreneur who used PR to get featured in a major publication and the impact it had on her business. She also provides some actionable takeaways for listeners to implement in their own PR efforts. 

In the closing segment, Leilani and Cindy talk about the importance of persistence and consistency in PR and the benefits of hiring a PR professional. They also provide resources for listeners who want to learn more about PR and how to get started. 

Listeners can connect with Cindy on LinkedIn or visit her website at to learn more about her services. They can also join the waitlist for Cindy's PR Pitch Software.

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