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023 – Five source to challenge your risk landscape
10th August 2021 • The Human Factor • Sonja Stirnimann
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It is unquestionable that the completeness of the risk landscape is one of the key success factors. But also a moving target. What was not on the radar a few weeks a go needds highest attention now.

We all learned that - latest when COVID-19 changed from a risk to the event. An event which was on the risk landscapes of many organisations and also by the research teams.

Not only the board of directors which have the overall responsibility but also the auditors are on duty when it comes to the risk identification process.


Since then I recognize that the awareness - and also openness to talk about the risk maps increased significantly. Which is a great trend for our organisation.

Is it important to think about additional sources to reflect on the existing risk map or risk landscape? I definitively think so!

Observations show, that teams and also individual are often too focused on their own function, department, business or even industry and not watching out what else happens out in the world. That is not new and absolutely normal. Being concious about that helps to become more risk-intelligent.


Starting with the approach of OSINT is key and often the organisation reach a very high level of professionalism within a short period of time. It will become one of your competitive advantage when the OSINT skills improve. With these the resources to challenge the existing risk map will be found and contribute to that holistic approach.

The transformation which can happen is that the existing belief that it is too time consuming to challenge the risk map with additional external sources will expire.


When it comes to our take-home or take to the office assignment please come up with a plan how you address what you have heard today

  • will you challenge the existing risk map?
  • will you bring in the OSINT approach?
  • Will you talk about the mentioned sources of the World Economic Forum, the Corruption Perception Index, The Report to the Nation and the Security Trends?
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