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The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie - The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie 28th June 2021
Mr. Roger Bou with IoT Solutions World Congress talks about Collaborative Innovation
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Mr. Roger Bou with IoT Solutions World Congress talks about Collaborative Innovation

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Roger Bou, Technology Business Director with IoT Solutions World Congress and Fira Barcelona about "How IoT Solutions World Congress and its Members are Global Leaders in Innovation ".  Get the answers to your "Innovation" questions along with Roger's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview! Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2020. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


Personal LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerbou/ Roger Bou's Email:  rbou@firabarcelona.com Company LinkedIn Fira Barcelona: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fira-barcelona/ Event LinkedIn IoT Solutions World Congress:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/iotswc/ Company Website: https://www.firabarcelona.com/ Event Website: https://www.iotsworldcongress.com/





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SUMMARY KEYWORDS industry, industrial internet consortium, roger, solutions, innovation, iot solutions, barcelona, people, congress, world, event, industrial, iot, mobile world congress, collaborate, listeners, focused, business, different industries, connected 00:04 Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go Alright, welcome to industrial talk where we celebrate you, the industrial professionals, the industrial heroes, the individuals in the companies that get it done, you are bold, you are brave, you dare greatly. You solve problems. You're changing the world. And as such, you're changing people's lives. That's why we celebrate you on this particular podcast. All right, in the hot seat, we have a gentleman by the name of Roger boo. Now Roger boo was broadcasting or interviewed all the way from Barcelona, because we were highlighting IoT solutions World Congress, the incredible then brought to you by Farah, Barcelona, and the industrial internet Consortium, and he was broadcasting from their World Congress that featured it was what Mobile World Congress, how about that? Let's get cracking. Yeah, we can do this, you know, we talked about in this particular conversation, because we're going to get into it real quick. We talked about the necessity to collaborate, but not just collaborate within your sphere, right? But collaborate externally, different businesses, different industries, to collaborate to solve problems, IoT solutions, World Congress, this particular event, is a great location. And I'm telling you right now, you're going to have it out there on industrial talk, comm all the information that you need. And you need to get engaged with these individuals, because they're all about the future. They're all about highlighting the innovation that is taking place within industry. It is a marvelous, their, their organization, and the people who are a part of that organization are passionate about innovation. So Roger was broadcasting, as you look out on the video was broadcasting specifically from the Mobile World Congress. And it was great to hear the voices in the activity in the background trying to get back to normal. And for me personally, it's an absolute honor to be associated with the IoT solutions World Congress, Farah, Barcelona, the industrial internet Consortium, they put on a fantastic, fantastic show. So here is Roger, and he is talking specifically about the strategic vision of what they're doing at fair Barcelona and IoT solutions. World Congress. Enjoy. Roger, welcome to the industrial talk podcast absolute honor that. All right, listeners, this is pretty cool. This is real time. This is live. This is happening at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, right this very moment. It is the 28th. It goes on till July 1, and we get the opportunity to have a conversation with Roger boob. And he is he's a big one. He's He's an IoT event director with Farah, Barcelona. How are you doing? Roger, thank you very much for joining us. 03:14 It's good. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you very much for having me. Yeah, we're here in the Mobile World Congress. And it's been a great experience to be in banking business again. 03:27 Come on, you know, that's great deal. That's got to be feeling good. Because you guys were sort of, in that whole pandemic environment, you guys sort of had to shut down sort of figure out what to do. Where are you going? What's happening? And it's great. Absolutely. Great to see you at this event. And and sort of getting back to normal. Kudos to the fair of team. I love it. All right. Yeah. It's fun. Yeah, go ahead. I'm sorry, excuse me. Sorry, we're, he's in Spain, I'm in Louisiana, we're going to have a little bit of delay, so don't worry about it, listeners. So for the listeners out there, give us a little background on who Roger is. 04:12 Oh, I've been working in the events industry for the last 12 years. I am the founding director of the IoT solutions for commerce. We do this event in partnership with the different internet Consortium. And we've been growing these events since then, creating an environment for innovation and for innovation applied to each of the industries. And so it's a very creative, very international environment. And we have leading people on the industry ball so it's it's great to do that. I'm also in charge of the tech events in in Fira and the startup events. So yeah, been been busy and very happy to do 05:01 I'm telling you, it's a good busy. I like it. I like the fact that you are focused and team Farah, Barcelona, as well as the industrial internet Consortium, are focused on trying to get things back to normal. And I'm telling you right now, the conversations I've had Roger about innovation, especially over this period of this pandemic, period, have been just absolutely incredible. Because what you guys are doing is just leading that way is is true, blazing that trail of innovation. And that is really needed to create a business of resiliency. How long has IoT solutions World Congress been in? sort of been doing this? 05:44 Yeah, well, IoT solutions? Well, Congress started in 2015. So if you remember in our first revision, but then people talked about m to m. And there were some IoT events, just talking about the big possibility of things getting connected and the million of million of things connected. But we had a different position, because we wanted that to be real. So things get connected to solve some different problems. So we focused on how these connected things will solve industrial problems in different industries, like energy, like fuel ideas, like manufacturing, minutes, etc. And this is our starting point, when out, then there were no commercial model yet or business cases, because there was just innovation and experimentation on the IoT. And now our second division, we are very had some testbed and will have also commercial products that could be sold for companies. And since then, we've been growing. And now we have the next change the next important change for the future, because we've been working very hard in strategic plan for the growth for the next five years. And we are changing a little bit our strategic focus. So instead of focusing on content, and solutions for each of the vertical industries, for manufacturing, for healthcare, for energy, utilities, etc, we are focusing on solutions and content for each of the profiles. Because after studying our attendees, we found that what they really wanted is to have a dialogue between end user, as an industry and user, with their competitors, can also with other industries involved on the future, so that in the future, they see that innovation will not come just as a steal, as it used to be so I don't know, for instance, the energy. industry will innovate and innovation was competing against your competitor innovate something different that made you more productive and new competitor. In the future, what they see is that innovation will come from connecting different industries, for instance, automotive industry, the future of an automotive industry is not making the better agenda, their competitor, but connecting with entertainment platform, with road building, company, and with those companies that are building the autonomous car. So as the driver will not be driving, there's some platform that has to entertain him. And as the car will drive automatically, there are some road builders that are putting some sensors and edge computing in the road zero. So the important thing here is connect garage industry, all these people that are involved in the change of all the industries. And this is the new role for the IoT service. connector. 09:09 Yeah, see, and I think that that is an absolutely brilliant approach to this innovation. And, and what I always see is, is the necessity to collaborate. If you think that you're going to just sort of sit there in a silo and think that I'm going to come up with a solution alone, you're missing it, you're missing a completely it is a truly collaborative model bent on true solutions. True problem solving. What I like is how you're connecting different industries. I think that's brilliant. In any Here's the reason why. It's brilliant because I look at problems maybe a different way then maybe you do like in the case of energy right? There are so wait, there's so many ways of being able to bring us together in a collaborative but different industry. I think it's I think it's brilliant. Now, Roger, where do you see it going? Now you've changed your strategic approach. Where do you see you going with IoT solutions World Congress? 10:22 Yeah, we see that our focus keep the same. So we have to be the place where nobody, people need to design the future of each of the industries. But I see that there's a lot of growth to come. Because as we are as, after the pandemic, all the industries have skilled that detail is the way and that all the industries will be connecting faster than we expected. They need a place where to meet with colleagues and to meet with other people in the industry, where there's about dialogue between these end users about use cases, business cases, some things that have worked into that haven't work, and to learn, to experiment and to, to find new solutions for the new business models. So this is a place that we want them to me, we are working hard to bring high valuable content for these people. And we were expecting to have big growth for the next five years. 11:28 Well, it is a topic it is a focus on many, many businesses minds, if I if I had a nickel every time I spoke to somebody in manufacturing that is looking at how do we digitize? How do we venture into this digital transformation? One of the keys that I have to ask you is that what differentiates your organization and what you and IoT solutions World Congress and internet industrial internet Consortium, you have testbeds, this is not what I would say pie in the sky, you see it in action? Can you explain a little bit about why that is so important? 12:09 Yeah, this is blue. And it's very important and very important since the beginning. Because we want that, for us, it's important that people can touch the solution can understand the solution and can find a real application of this motion. So it's not just talking about an IoT platform that's very abstract, and can be used for everything. But talking about, I don't know how we have had different solutions for agriculture, for aquaculture. For binary, we had also for petrol refinery pro board that went into the tubes and clean them. And we've had different solutions in the investment area. And I've helped people from the industry to understand and to have a clear vision on how this can be applied in a real solution. And it's also most of the attendees also tell us that it's very interesting for them, for innovators, to have solutions, to be able to see solutions not only from your industry, but from other industries, because you can see different approach or different solutions that can also be applied to your industry. 13:21 Again, brilliant, I think that especially today, I think in in light of the pandemic, the necessity to collaborate and collaborate with innovative things, thinkers that are involved with IoT solutions World Congress is I mean, you get a better picture, you get a better picture of what's taking place. The question I have, and when I've been very fortunate to broadcast from IoT solutions World Congress is the speed of innovation, right? There's a there's a, there's a velocity that exists with innovation. How does somebody like me just learn to grow? Where am I at? I mean, it's, it's it's so fast. Roger, how do I how do I manage that? How does this information also get out to the masses that would benefit from this innovation? 14:13 Yeah, this is very interesting, Scott, because as you said, it's, it's so fast. And it's, it's also from collaboration, no one can knows about everything we want can be the best of everything. And I think it needs a lot of dialogue between different people that has different knowledge. And with all that, you can really innovate because, for instance, what what's happening in the next IoT solutions world, that we're introducing new disruptive technologies that are going to change the industries like digital twin, or like quantum computing, and this is going so fast and so fast, but it's important to have people that have the technical knowledge, and people sort of have the strategy in your hand in that they share knowledge. This dialogue between the it the OT strategies, these are important they are because all of them are important part of the solution. 15:17 Again, in light of the necessity to collaborate, even within organizations that have identified themselves as little silos it ot whatever, even that is a, that that is an old model that has to be sort of, at least transitioned out so that everybody's working together, because the solutions that IoT solutions World Congress, and its members are coming up with require that that necessity to strategically look at what the value of these these innovations bring to the business. And, and bottom line it does, Roger. I mean, you guys are right at that cutting edge. How does? I mean, with all the stuff that's been going on? If I go to where would I go to get great information on what you guys are doing? What industrial internet consortium is doing? How do I how do I get involved? 16:16 Well, first day, you've got obviously that web pages of the industrial internet consortium and the IoT solutions World Congress. But you can also ask to be part of the community. And so we'll send you regularly information we send to the community with valuable content. And obviously, there's no places that you have to be that's once a year, the event. So we are we keeping we try to keep in contact with the community during call year. But the important place to be is once a year to meet with people of the industry users, with their colleagues with other innovative people and to, to dialogue with and collaborate with others to find this. 17:06 I'll tell you right now, listeners, I've been very fortunate to be at the IoT solutions World Congress in Barcelona. And it is energized, it is full of individuals that are truly dreaming and making things happen. And they're putting it into action. You walk around the event. And you're looking at the testbed you're looking at the the companies that are representative, small, mid large, it doesn't really matter they have a solution that they are are proud of, and it is being represented and you can have right there a conversation, you can have a conversation of saying I have a problem looks like you have a solution. It is a beautiful event. I kudos to you guys. I mean, it is really an excellent event. And I've been very fortunate to interview a lot of your kryptonite status sponsor people. It's, it's, it's an exciting time. And I for me, personally, I'm so glad that you guys are pushing forward and still making it happen, because this is a topic that has to be discussed. Now. How do they get ahold of you? Roger, then, and for the listeners out there. Roger boo, but it's spelled b o u and I'll have all this contact information out on industrial talk.com. How do they get ahold of you? Roger? 18:40 They can get to me by email. By mobile, I mean, the website of the IoT sources for Congress, I have my mobile phone, my LinkedIn, my email, and I am very glad to answer any of you to attend any of you. And I like it very much. Anyone that can get in contact, I'll do my best to respond as quick as possible and to get in touch with all the 19:08 alright listeners. What we have is we have the IoT solutions World Congress it is brought to you by Pharaoh Barcelona as well as the industrial internet Consortium. It is a spectacular event. It is a must event to put on your particular calendar if you have that opportunity. This is a must attend event. It is in the beautiful town of Barcelona which it is beautiful and outside of the exceptional content and information that you can gain from this particular event. You can also enjoy the wonderful people of Barcelona and enjoy the town of Barcelona because it is something else. Roger, you are absolutely wonderful. You are wonderful. Thank you. That's right listener. I am wonderful too. Straight from Rogers. Alright listeners winner Wrapping up on the other side and we're going to have all the contact information, all the LinkedIn information, all the website information, all the email information. And to get a hold of Roger to get a hold of the industrial internet consortium to get a hold of Farah Barcelona and IoT solutions World Congress, so Fear not. You have no excuse not to get involved. Get involved. All right, we're gonna be right back. 20:22 Sure, and I hope to see you all in Barcelona next. May. And J. Also the food is good food. Also Barcelona. You missed that. Oh, yeah, baby. 20:32 I I did miss a lot of great gin and tonics, too. Yeah. Standby listeners. We're gonna wrap it up on the other side. You're listening to the industrial talk Podcast Network. 20:52 All right, Roger boo is his name. We're going to have all of the contact information to Roger and the rest of that wonderful team at Faro Barcelona. And we're just going to continue to highlight what they're trying to do and what they are doing in the world of innovation in the world of digital twin in the world of IoT, everything that is industrial for Dotto or industry for Dotto or however you want to try to parse it out there, the leaders, global leaders, in all things, getting that content out to help you be a success. What you need to do is you need to get involved. That's what you need to do. You need to get involved ASAP. Go out to IoT solutions World Congress or IoT s and W see IoT solutions World Congress comm find out more, get engaged. And as you will see at industrial talk.com all the information to get in contact with Roger and company. All right, you are bold. You are very brave, you dare greatly and you're hanging out with people who are bold and brave and daring greatly on this podcast, change the world. We're gonna have another great interview right around