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The Kids Are All Right! - The Kids Are All Right! Productions EPISODE 16, 3rd May 2021
Ep 16 How to bring Mindfulness into your Every Day!
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Ep 16 How to bring Mindfulness into your Every Day!

In today’s show we speak with psychotherapist and family counsellor Gillian Fagan about how she brings mindful moments into her life in lots of little ways throughout the day.  Many people get confused about what Mindfulness actually means; it can sound complicated and a tricky concept to understand, but it’s actually quite simple.

So in this episode we learn just how simple it really is and what it can mean day-to-day in your normal, everyday life!

Gillian explains that it’s not time travelling; looking into the future and worrying about what may happen, or back into the past and going over what did happen, it’s all about living in the present, in the right here and right now. It’s taking a moment to really be aware of what is happening both inside of you as well as what’s going on around you.

She explains how she was introduced to Mindfulness by a teacher in secondary school and how it was and still is to this day really important in her life in helping her deal with her ‘racing head’ and to keep her feeling happy and well.

She talks about some really simple ways to bring easy mindful moments into the ordinary things that you do every day and teaches Buster and Buddy how simply using your 5 senses, your sense of taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch can be a really great way to start!


Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

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Gillian Fagan

Gillian Fagan is a counsellor, psychotherapist and trainer who works with teens, adults, couples and families.  She founded 2 mental health companies, AcoraTherapy and Under The Rainbow, and is an emotional health consultant for workplaces.

Gillian started meditating when she was 12 years old and many years later is still at it!  Not only that she is a specialist on the science behind relaxation and teaches people how to reduce stress, manage anxiety and be happier.  

Being passionate about normalising mental fitness, Gillian loves helping people empower themselves so that they can be their true selves, equipped with the resources to cope better when things get tough.

Gillian is a keynote speaker and trainer on topics such as resilience, uncertainty, stress, coping strategies and the importance of inclusion.  She believes that our minds are like our muscles, we need to keep working out so we can have good mental fitness!