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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 89, 13th April 2021
21 Points for Success
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21 Points for Success

There is a little book called Life's Little Instruction Book that was initially written in 1940. The author is H. Jackson Brown, Jr., and his 21 points have definitely stood the test of time.

We review each step here, highlighting the importance of each, and referring back to so many other shows in which we captured the same essence. It's "rules to live by," and "how to be happy," although his list is on Success. It's the same thing. A successful life is a happy life and vice versa.

We review and provide commentary on each of these 21 essentials of how to live. You may add your own as you listen in on the points he deems esssential. They truly are the rules to live by.