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These Tips Will Keep Your Small Space Organized I E33 Lucy Milligan Wahl
Episode 3326th April 2021 • The Struggle is Real: Adulting 101 • Justin Lee Peters
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One of the best experiences of my 20s has been living on my own. Sure, I have to buy my own groceries and dirty dishes aren’t going to magically disappear, but moving out of my parent’s house gave me the challenge to start figuring things out on my own.

One thing I do really miss about mom and dad’s is all of the space in their house. My tiny apartment doesn’t compete with my parent’s spacious, midwest suburban home. There is no garage or basement let alone a spare kitchen cabinet for any excess stuff. This has forced me to live smaller and stay organized.

If you’re someone who believes you’re “not an organized person”, my guest is going to change that mindset.

Joining me today is Lucy Milligan Wahl, Founder of LMW Edits.

After completing her MBA and wanting a career change, Lucy asked her friends what she was good at. The common answer? Organizing.

Lucy ran with that idea and started her own boutique professional organizing company where she provides common sense organizing solutions to modern urban living.

By listening to this episode, you’ll get advice on managing paper in a digital world, creating a system to keep your bathroom organized, solving the Tupperware crisis, and more.


Key Takeaways:

[4:36] Is organization a personality trait or a skill?

[11:03] Maximizing your closest space

[15:06] Creating separation between your bedroom and home office

[20:32] Organization solutions for the bathroom

[24:57] Solving the Tupperware crisis

[30:18] Dealing with parents that give you too much stuff

[38:28] Staying organized while living with others


Favorite Quotes:

[4:44] "There really isn’t such a thing as an organized person. Being organized isn’t a personality trait. When someone says they aren’t an organized person, what they really mean is that they don’t know how to organize their space.”

[8:37] “Clutter and disorganization just zaps all of your nonrenewable resources like your time.”

[28:45] “I can’t create an organizing system without context. That is just putting stuff in containers and labeling it. That’s not organizing.”





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