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Start The World - Jack Donovan EPISODE 5, 9th February 2020
"Chad Jesus" AJA Cortes - Twitter
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"Chad Jesus" AJA Cortes - Twitter

"Be Chad or Go Extinct" -- Jack Donovan interviews trainer, speaker, online personality and former ballet dancer Alexander JA Cortes aka "Chad Jesus." In addition to offering popular training programs and giving straightforward, non-"brotarded" fitness advice, Cortes has made the news and the NYPost for dropping outrageous truth bombs. (He suggested that women are more attractive to most men if they are thin, feminine and can cook. He's also said that men are generally more attractive to most women if they are tall...) Cortes is a regular speaker at the 21 Convention and will be speaking at the controversial 22 Convention this spring -- where he'll be sharing some of his positive ideas about how the sexes can enjoy harmony together.

This podcast is a fun back and forth about what it means to be "Chad", the "Tao of Bro," fitness, the 21/22 Convention, and much more.

Twitter: @AJA_cortes

Instagram: @aja_cortes

Website: https://cortes.site