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Why Gabriel Neuman Turned Away Business to Make Money
Episode 4283rd October 2018 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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Gabriel is The Growth Master. He will turn your marketing upside down and make your conversions grow like you’ve never seen before.

We discuss:

  • Why focusing on everything doesn’t bring value for lead generation [2:18]
  • The necessary initial changes towards successful marketing on LinkedIn [5:32]
  • Cultural aspects that need to be observed when working with clients of different nationalities [11:32]
  • A throw-away strategy that narrows your focus and grows your business [13:54]
  • How to “surround” yourself with a successful virtual team [17:54]
  • What self-education can do for helping you speak a language you don’t know yet [21:46]

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