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Holding Duality with Marla Mattenson
Episode 1322nd August 2023 • Navigating Love and Immigration™ • Megan Pastrana
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In today’s episode, Megan is joined by Marla Mattenson, an internationally recognized speaker and expert working with thought leaders in sales, business, and love. Marla guides businesses, couples, and individuals to uncover hidden patterns in relationships and business to unlock passion, financial success, and unlimited joy. She is the creator of the Ethical Sales Process and co-founder of the Intimacy Experts.

Join us as we delve into the concept of "holding dualities" and explore its significance in navigating challenging situations, particularly in the context of immigration experiences within relationships. The episode begins by reflecting on the intricate balance between stress and beauty in the immigration process, drawing from personal experiences of Megan and her husband. The concept of holding dualities is explained as the act of embracing two seemingly opposing aspects simultaneously. This can apply to both internal and external worlds, where the focus lies on acknowledging and honoring different perspectives and ideas. For instance, in relationships, the tension between differing opinions and approaches can be managed by fostering an open dialogue that values and respects each viewpoint. By allowing for the coexistence of diverse thoughts, individuals can expand their capacity to understand, empathize, and receive more. This practice of holding dualities extends to immigration processes, where the transactional aspect of the journey is balanced with the relational dimension. The importance of prioritizing the partnership amidst the transactional portions is emphasized, fostering a sense of unity in tackling challenges. This approach is underlined as a means to cultivate resiliency, enabling couples to navigate obstacles as a united front. The power of language and its influence on perception and outcomes is also explored. The significance of language choice and its impact on energy and communication is highlighted, with an emphasis on the frequency of words and their ability to shape experiences. While negative emotions and words are acknowledged as a natural part of the process, the podcast stresses the significance of processing these feelings constructively, either by openly sharing them with consent or allowing them to pass through without judgment. This practice of conscious expression contributes to building a resilient partnership that can weather challenges, emphasizing vulnerability, consent, and the power of ethical communication in relationships. Ultimately, the podcast underscores the potential for personal and relational growth embedded within the immigration journey, where practicing the art of holding dualities and embracing language mindfully can lead to transformative outcomes.

Marla also discusses her Ethical Sales Seminar on Saturday, August 26th which is available at this link: The Ethical Sales Seminar

Episode Highlights:

  • Bridge the gap between two viewpoints in your relationship
  • Everyone is already holding duality whether they realize it or not
  • Putting the relationship first during the immigration process
  • Bracing for vs embracing the process
  • Why the language you use is powerful
  • The narrative bubble
  • Allow yourself to have the negativity
  • Ethical sales and the clear yes and clear no
  • Two hour live ethical sales training opportunity


"When we consider both ways of thinking at the same time, now you get into, well, what is right and what is wrong?”

“Speak from an empowered place, rather than from a victim place, and that will change the frequency of your expression.”

“When couples start blaming each other, that is when things start spiraling down.”

“Allow yourself to have the negativity because, guess what, if you try and push it down or shove it away, it’s going to whack a mole its way back up and pop out somewhere else.”


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